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Campus Celebrity: Joey Sallerson ’19

I had the opportunity to sit down with Campus Celebrity Joey Sallerson. Here he spills all on his perfect date, his appreciation for the quarter zip, and the Strange Bedfellows.

Isabelle: Hey Joey. Can you tell me your favorite thing about where you’re from?

Joey: I’m from Chicago. I love it because it’s got all the big city amenities that NYC has without being the hub of the Western world. It’s lowkey and it’s humble.

I: Do you have any pets? Siblings?

Joey: I have a dog named Jessie. She’s an Irish doodle. I think my favorite thing about her is when she comes back from her walk in the morning and goes directly to my room and cuddles in my bed with me. I have a brother too, he’s in the movie business living in LA.

I: Let’s say you’re in Chicago, taking someone on a date. Walk us through your process.

Joey: Okay, so, first real date after coffee introductions? If someone was new to the city, I would take them to the rooftop deck at my apartment building that has this amazing view. I’d bring back food from one of my favorite neighborhood restaurants and have a candlelit rooftop dinner with a view of the city.

I: Tell us what you would have for your last meal.

Joey: For an appetizer, we’re doing french onion soup. Then s big rib-eye with creamed spinach, and some kind of potato; a fully loaded baked potato with cream, chives, the works. Dessert is something decadent but really delicate, like a gorgeous chocolate raspberry souffle.

I: What’s your favorite TV show?

Joey: If we’re talking drama, the West Wing. For comedy, The Office.

I: What’s your theme song?

Joey: A Letter by Blu & Exile.

I: If you could be any animal, what kind would you be?

Joey: Definitely a meerkat, because they seem to have a very nice kinship structure. I like the community aspect of it.

I: We know you’re a part of The Strange Bedfellows, the Bates improv group. Why did you join?

Joey:  My friend Tricia was in it, who I’ve known forever. We did improv together in high school and when we got to college she got right into it: she’s very motivated. I took longer to get it together: I needed to get to a place where I was a little more comfortable. I love being in Bedfellows, it’s opened me up to a whole new world of opportunities and people.

I:  Can you tell us a little about being on the golf team? What’s your go-to golfing outfit?

Joey: Let’s start with a muted pant, a regularly colored shirt (like something normal, a navy, something maroon, something darker). Then the quarter zip: because it’s the quarter zip season. Make that a bright color, just go for it.


Isabelle is a Junior at Bates College. She enjoys being cozy, makeup, and fine cheeses.
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