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Campus Celebrity: Henry Steckel ’16

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bates chapter.


Name: Henry Steckel …they call me Peaches


Grade: Senior


Hometown: Scarsdale, NY


Major: Economics


How you would describe yourself: I consider myself a fun-loving SOB who enjoys making sweet music more than anything.


Things you are involved with on campus: I’m the percussionist for the student cover band called “Iced Raz” and the saxophone player for the band “Logistics of Funk.”



Reason you chose to come to Bates: Kind souls surrounding me, intelligence in every corner, and the chicken tenders.


Tips on how to survive a Maine winter: Eat a lot and light scented candles. Helps relax the mind.

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The greatest day to be a Bobcat: Any day you can make a trip out to Morse Mountain.


Spirit animal: Peacock


Favorite part about being a senior: Age = Wisdom


Scariest part about being a senior: Not being with my parents anymore.


Your theme song: Two Step by Dave Matthews Band

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Describe the perfect morning: Waking up to my stunning girlfriend, Sophie, standing over me with a fat Chipotle burrito. I munch that, then I open my laptop, crank the tunes, and check last night’s sports highlights.


Who would play you and your friends in a Lifetime movie based off of your life: I think Andy Milonakis would do a great impersonation of me. Just my opinion though…. Michael Cera would play my friend Will, Verne Troyer would do a great Gil Spivack, and Leo Dicaprio would do a nice Samuel Henry Polito.


Favorite TV show: Breaking Bad


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What will you miss most about Bates: The availability of help whenever I need it from peers and professors.


Design your final meal if you were on Death Row: A thick juicy steak dipped in guac. I’d have a root beer float next to that and my mom’s delicious homemade bread.


Best place you’ve ever been: Upstairs in commons


Hunter or gatherer: Definitely a gatherer.


Words of wisdom for underclassmen: Let it be.

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Jane is a senior at Bates College, majoring in English and minoring in History. Outside of class, she dances ballet and practices yoga, religiously listens to Dave Matthews Band, and is a firm believer that dark chocolate acts as a well-rounded meal.