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Campus Celebrity: Erin Milligan ’15

In this special Writer’s Edition of Campus Celebrity, we’re featuring one of our own – HCB writer Erin Milligan

I had the privilege of having a glass of wine with Erin on Thursday night as we discussed a variety of topics that ranged from this weeks episode of The Bachelor to her post-graduation plans. From the beginning to the end of the interview two things were made clear. First, this betch really loves a glass (or four) of red wine. Second, she has undeniable sense of humor that lights up any room.

You’ve seen her articles on Her Campus Bates, some of which include How To Ace That Job Interview” and Campus Snapshots, so I asked her:

What is your favorite blog?

World of Wanderlust because I idolize her [Brooke Saward]. She’s so cool; she literally travels around the world by herself for free. She gets paid to stay at luxury hotels.”

Why did you start writing for Her Campus?

“I heard of Her Campus a couple years ago and I thought it would be really fun to write for because it’s like Betches Love This but for college students. Also, I don’t know what other opportunity I have to write for a blog.

If you had your own blog, what kind of blog would it be?

“Ideally it would be a travel blog, but I’m not doing much travelling at the moment. Something sassy and satirical.”

In addition to writing for Her Campus, Erin also volunteers at Project Story Boost, where she reads to elementary school children. As involved as she is, she still finds the time to be academically successful. I asked her about her experience being a female economics major at Bates: 

How do you feel being a woman in a male-dominated subject?

“It actually does not bother me. I really never think about it.”

This confidence, along with her intelligence and hard work, has earned her a spot working for Mercer as an analyst in Boston after graduation. Academically, she has been very successful but because I was curious about the rest of her life and the chaos that she seems to emulate. Naturally I inquired: 

What’s one thing that people would be surprised to know about you?

“That I’m single.” (A note from the editors: she’s being sarcastic, but really, we’re baffled!

What are some of your hobbies?

“Skiing. I like to watch House of Cards. My favorite social media is Instagram. Oh, and I like to shop at the Natural Food Store. I also like to take care of my fish and my dog Chibi.”

How would you describe yourself?

“Weird, swug, smart, motivated, conscientious, sarcastic, impatient, adventurous, indecisive.” 

Any big plans after graduation?

“I’m going to St. Lucia for a week, a little tropical vacay, fun in the sun, drinks. Then, I might be going on a road trip. Then I’m moving to Boston, and I’m going to start working.” 

There you have it. This HCB writer is the perfect amount of sass, beauty and intelligence, wrapped into one 5’2″ boss betch. Keep on the lookout for more articles from this ambitious and hilarious girl! 

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