Autumn Clothing Necessities: College Edition

Whether it's running late to class, going out to dinner with friends, or having a little extra time getting ready in the morning, everyone should have a few clothing staples to keep in their closet. When you’re not really feeling putting the effort into an outfit, it’s nice to have a few go-tos. Here are some fall must-haves in a college wardrobe!


Cute Sneaks 

When I say sneakers, this could mean shoes like converse or sneakers you’d feel comfortable running to the gym in. A pair of sneaks is easy, and extremely necessary when you need to run to class, meetings, or to a workout. You’ll still feel stylish, but your sneakers will be much more comfortable to wear to class than those pair of not-so-broken-in flats.


A Light Jacket

Long sweaters, jean jackets, sporty sweatshirts, flannels, and whatever else that floats your boat in the light jacket department will do. The weather might be warm for the first month of fall, but come late October/early November, we start saying hello to the coming winter (at least in Maine). Even if you go to a school basically in the tropics, a classroom sometimes doubles as a mini Antarctica, so you’ll want some type of jacket to bundle up in.


Comfy Jeans

If this means wearing a pair of skinny jeans, more power to you! Personally, I’d go for a pair of boyfriends because of the cozy and casual vibe. Comfy jeans are essential for studying and sitting in class because nobody wants a pair of uncomfortable pants to sit in for a three hour lecture. A pair of boyfriend jeans are casual, but you can also pair them with a pair of booties or heels, and be set for a night out with friends.

Plain White T-Shirt

You can’t go wrong with a plain white t-shirt. You’ll be able to still keep some of your summer style, but layering a flannel on top could help you feel more autumnal. If you’re not into the color white, any plain colored t-shirt is a good piece of clothing to have because of how versatile these shirts can be. Dress them up or dress them down, t-shirts will always be a necessity in a college wardrobe.


Baseball Cap

This is an extremely essential part of my own outfits in college. In my book, baseball caps shouldn’t just be reserved for athleisure looks. These are staples that can save you when your hair is a mess, but you have zero time before breakfast, class, or practice. Whether you have a collection of baseball hats right by your door (aka me) or a couple favorite beanies, hats will definitely come in handy when you’re living a college lifestyle.

Whatever kind of staples you have in your own closet, don’t forget that a smile is the most important part of an outfit. Might be cheesy, but it’s true.