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When I listen to a new song and I really like it, I will listen to it several times a day. I would say I become addicted to it. So I think it is time I share these catchy songs with the world and let you all dance along with me.


It’s Not Living (If It’s Not With You) – The 1975

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This song is so catchy, all you want to do is jump around your room yelling “it’s not living if it’s not with you.” The 1975’s new album A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships has some really great songs that have a similar vibe to this one but also have some heartbreak song.


Youth (Gryffin Remix) – Troye Sivan

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The Gryffin remix is one of the best versions of this classic Troye Sivan songs. It leaves you feeling nostalgic of your younger days, for me, I think back to high school and freshman year in college. It is such an upbeat and happy song.


fake smile – Ariana Grande

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Ariana once again gets it, sometimes life gets you down you don’t have to fake smile to get through it. Be in your feelings and don’t pretend. “I can’t fake another smile I can’t fake like I’m alright,” PREACH!


MALAMENTE  (Cap.1: Augurio) – ROSALÍA

–> –> –> –> –>

Even if you don’t speak Spanish, this song will have you singing malamente. It gives off flamenco vibes that will make you want to buy a ruffled red dress.


i’m so tired… – Lauv & Troye Sivan

–> –> –> –> –>

Not going to lie, I first saw this video first on YouTube discover before I heard the song and ever since then I have been hooked. One, I thought the video was so funny because they are just third-wheeling so hard. Secondly, it is just such a relatable song. Seeing everyone happy and in love when your single makes you want to leave and go home.


Sincerity Is Scary – The 1975

–> –> –> –> –>

Once again The 1975 makes another catchy song and just like the music video, you will want to be dancing along. And you will want to sing along with a British accent.

Elizah Laurenceau is a senior at Bates College. Her hobbies consist of rewatching Call Me By Your Name, using Huji to take pictures, and playing with her dog. She spends her days either glued on her computer or late nights finishing up work.
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