5 Reasons Gala Is So Much Better Than Prom

T-minus three weeks until Gala 2016. Besides the senior cocktail parties, this is the one and only formal event at Bates. You can say Gala is a big deal, HUGE deal even. Essentially it's prom at Bates, yet so much better...

1. No one will send you home for drinking. Even though alcohol isn't provided, it's socially acceptable to pop some Champagne at pre-parties and arrive to Gala buzzed. No breathalyzers included. 

2. No parent photographers. Real talk, why do parents turn into “professional photographers” at prom? Sure, it was wonderful having lots of pictures from prom. For each good picture though, there was at least 100 awkward ones. Parents, you’re wonderful, but please stick to parenting. Lucky for us Bates students, actual photographers are usually wandering around Gala. 
3. No corsages and boutonnieres. Admittedly, flowers are awesome. Not so awesome though was the awkwardness of trying not to stick your date with needles while you attached his boutonniere to his tux. Usually backup needed to be called, a.k.a. Mom, or worse, DAD. Your date was polite but likely in the middle of a panic having your dad so close with a sharp object. 
4. No dates required. Do you remember the stress of making sure you and your friends had dates to prom? And even more stress to ensure that everyone's dates were friends with each other? 
5. No posing for pictures like this. That is all.