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3 Irish Drinks We Need to Start Drinking

This past February break, I was fortunate enough to visit Dublin, Ireland. And for that week, I was able to enjoy all that Ireland has to offer such as the Cliffs of Moher, Beef and Guinness Stew, and the greatest drinks the Irish had to offer.



Baileys is an Irish cream whiskey and this will up your hot chocolate games by 110%. It makes your drink creamier and richer. You can even make a Baileys coffee to give you a quick morning pick me up!



Doctors used to tell patients to drink a Guinness a day to keep iron levels up and would even give patients a pint to drink if they had blood work done! Everyone must try this iron-rich drink with black currant (it makes it much more sweeter)!


Jameson and Ginger

I have never liked whiskey until I went to Ireland and I can fully appreciate a Jameson and Ginger now. This ups any ginger ale and is a crisp and refreshing drink. Order this one next time you go out.


These three Irish drinks are a must have the next time you fly over to Ireland!

Elizah Laurenceau is a senior at Bates College. Her hobbies consist of rewatching Call Me By Your Name, using Huji to take pictures, and playing with her dog. She spends her days either glued on her computer or late nights finishing up work.
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