Thanksgiving Day Pants Guide

There is one day where family, football, and lots of food take center stage: Thanksgiving. Everybody gathers together & has a grand feast—one that always leaves the waistbands of our pants feeling a little tighter than before we sat down. If you’re concerned about what to wear, since we all go back for seconds, thirds and fourths, we have come up with a guide for the most stylish Thanksgiving pants (extra space included). No one needs to know our secret weapon!

  1. 1. Paper Bag Pants

    These pants are perfect for making simple yet major adjustments. You can tie and untie as you please, allowing for as much breathing room as needed. The legs aren’t tight either, allowing for a classy yet comfy look. Or go for the paper bag skirt that will hide just about everything without having to make any adjustments at all.

  2. 2. Jumpsuit

    Talk about tight waistbands – There might be nothing more forgiving than not having one at all. Hop into a stylish jumpsuit, throw a cardigan over and hide all the helpings. Works like magic.

  3. 3. High Waisted Jeans

    If you’d rather something that will contain your extra full belly while still looking good for the family, try a pair of high waist mom jeans. Only providing a bit of extra space throughout the waist AND legs, these pants will hold you in tight and will firmly cover any overeating. What’s more perfect?!

  4. 4. Knit Pants

    You probably don’t want to show up to Thanksgiving dinner in sweatpants, but if you want to get as close as possible, try a pair of knit pants. These pants are part sweater, part pants, giving your old sweats a run for their money. Sweaterpants take the casual staple and bring comfy to the dinner table.

  5. 5. Wide-Leg Trousers

    When in doubt, turn to classics. It might seem simple, but these pants are a staple in every closet, especially for the holidays. Pair them with a neutral knit sweater and you’ll be cozy all through dinner. You won’t regret rocking these at every family get-together. 

Even though it feels like summer was just here, Thanksgiving will gladly ring in the holiday season. But it’s OKAY, you have plenty of time to plan the perfect turkey-day ’fit. Whether your safe and socially-distanced get-togethers are comfy affairs or fancy feasts, we know being able to hide the food baby and nap after dinner is the number one priority. Go snag that perfect outfit!