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Taylor Swift May Be Ditching London Boys for Travis Kelce

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In a post-Matty Healy world, Swifties thought that their favorite artist had gone mad. They were holding onto the (invisible) strings left from Joe Alwyn and hoping for a brighter tomorrow. 

Then there came Kansas City Chiefs tight end, Travis Kelce, showing up to the Eras Tour. All of the rumors and accusations of Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce possibly being an item started with Travis Kelce talking about his bracelet trading experience on his podcast, New Heights. Kelce was telling his fellow professional football-playing brother, Jason Kelce, that he made a bracelet for Taylor Swift with his number on it. And no, not his jersey number, or at least that’s what Jason thought he meant. 

When the podcast went live, Swifties seemed to be excited to see an American football player pining after her. Especially since the last American that she dated was Connor Kennedy in 2012. This story was already going stale until there was a sudden uprise in the talk of Taylor Swift on various NFL podcasts and platforms. NFL announcer, Ian Eagle, had the opportunity to make a quick pun about Taylor Swift saying, “Kelce finds a blank space for the score!”. This was of course about Swift’s song, “Blank Space” from her 2014 album, 1989.

“Kelce finds a blank space for the score!”

Ian Eagle, NFL announcer

Jason Kelce also took the internet by storm when he nearly confirmed rumors of Swift and Kelce being a couple. During the recent episode of the New Heights podcast, Jason said about his brother, “I try to keep his business kind of his business, stay out of that world. But having said that, I think he’s doing great and I think it’s all 100% true.” He did follow this by saying he was joking, but then almost a week later the pair were spotted out together.

On September 24th, Kelce was heading into Arrowhead Stadium but had someone by his side. Lo and behold, it was Taylor Swift! A.K.A. the twist that no one expected. Swift’s long-term relationship with Joe Alwyn had been very private. The couple was rarely seen out and if they were, they were quickly running into cars and hiding from paparazzi. More recently though, Swift has been spotted out and about in New York City not hiding, but thriving in the spotlight. This hard launch of her and Kelce was unexpected, but not unwanted. Swift was seen talking to Donna Kelce, Travis’s mom, for the majority of the game and jumping up and down like a Chiefs super fan. By the end of the game, Kelce and Swift were spotted riding off into the sunset in Kelce’s ‘Getaway Car.’ Now that Swift has met Kelce’s mom and been spotted jumping up and down at a football game all that Swifties can ask is, when’s the wedding?

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