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News Round Up 1/27

As a political science student, I live off my News app notifications, always perusing the New York Times or Chicago Tribune to see what is going on around the world and across the country. However, while not every college student may share the same desire to take the time to scroll through countless news stories searching for the most important ones, it is reasonable to assume that most like to keep up with culture, politics, and local events. With this in mind, I have found three different news stories that highlight world, national, and local news. Stay tuned each week for a round-up of various stories that will keep you up to date. This poli sci major is more than happy to do the hunting for you, especially if it's an excuse to avoid doing other work! 


World News-  Mona Lisa Is Alone, but Still Smiling, New York Times 

As Covid-19 continues to pose safety issues for large gatherings across the globe, cities and private attractions are taking advantage of the lack of tourists. For the Louvre, this means taking on extensive restoration projects that would be difficult with the usual 40,000 visitors they receive a day. But art lovers shouldn’t fret over this lasting quarantine from the Louvre, as individuals are able to peruse the website for online tours and cultural stories. The professionals know this isn’t the same, however, and have promised the public they are working hard to bring life back into the museum once again. 


National News- Republicans Are Split Over Trump's Second Impeachment—and the Party’s Future, Time 

With former President Trump officially out of office and the Senate impeachment trial looming, many prominent republican representatives and members of the GOP are grappling with how involved Trump should be in the party moving forward. The republican party is conflicted over its support of the former president, concerned that he has stained the reputation of the GOP and what it stands for. This instability within the party could prove beneficial for the Biden administration, as more representatives may be willing to work across the aisle to make the next four years productive and relatively stable. Either way, it is unlikely Trump is done with politics for good and should stay on everyone's radar. 


Local News- Free virtual YMCA program coming to Muncie lets you take 'Reset Challenge', Star Press

For those of you out there looking to complete a fitness-related New Year’s resolution, this article is for you. The YMCA of Muncie will be participating in a free online program known as the “Reset Challenge” from February 1-March 14, during which time participants will have access to an abundance of online workout videos. The YMCA established the program with the goal to provide users a space to take their minds off their anxieties, fears, and worries, many of which have been caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. So grab some girlfriends and sign up for this absolutely free opportunity to get fit. 

Monet Lindstrand is a Political Science and Women and Gender Studies double major with minors in French and Campaign Communications. Outside of Her Campus, she is on the exec board for student government and the Ball State Democrats, and is a member of the Zeta Kappa chapter of Kappa Delta. Monet is a vegetarian and has a passion for women’s rights, environmentalism, and politics!
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