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March 19, 2024 marked not just the beginning of spring, but something even more exciting: the 2024 Lollapalooza lineup. Lollapalooza, or Lolla, is a popular four day summer music festival located in Grank Park, Chicago. According to NBC 5, this year is Lolla’s 20th anniversary at Grant Park. C3, the main company behind the festival, signed a contract in 2022 with Mayor of the time, Lori Lightfoot, to have Lolla stay in Grant Park until 2032. 

I attended Lolla last summer and I knew as soon as I left Grant Park that Sunday night, I wanted to go again the following year. To be honest I had no idea what was in store for the Chicagoland area this summer; I was only hopeful for what would come in terms of their lineup. Maybe I wasn’t the only one hoping the line up would be good this year because my hopes were not only met, they were highly exceeded. 

Since the moment I could breathe, I’ve been all about music. I’ve spent the past two decades of my life filtering through all the genres life could offer. If you were to ask me to pick my favorite genre, I don’t think I could. That’s one of the reasons I really enjoy this year’s line up because it’s not all rap or pop or edm or classic rock or alternative, etc; it’s pretty much every genre one could think of. To me, that’s beautiful. 

For example, having Pierce the Veil and Faye Webster both in the lineup is such a contrast in terms of musicality. Yet it’s one I respect because of how my own playlists on Spotify follow suit. 

Here’s the exact schedule for who’s performing on which day:

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Overall, I think the lineup is super awesome and one of the best Lolla has had in a long time. The bands and artists I’m most excited to see are Deftones, TV Girl, Sexxy Red, Nightly and Future x Metro Boomin

I own two Deftones vinyls and a TV Girl vinyl. If I can’t at least make eye contact with either of those bands… I’ll be upset. I’ve been wanting to see Deftones live for two years now, so when I saw them on the lineup I just knew I had to go. Same with TV Girl. I feel like since Lolla is an outdoor venue, being outside for TV Girl’s set would only add to their melancholy, out-of-body, surrealist music. 

I was very surprised, but happy, to see Nightly on the lineup because I’ve loved them since their debut in 2016. I remember listening to their first EP, Honest, while on vacation in Arizona and I knew then and there they were such a good band. 

The main headliners are; SZA, Blink-182, The Killers, Future x Metro Boomin, Hozier, Stray Kids, Melanie Martinez, Skrillex and Tyler The Creator. I think the main headliners are decent and appropriate for where most popular music is today. I feel like Blink-182 could have been replaced by another, more popular artist like $uicideboy$ or The Weeknd. As for Stray Kids, I’m not really a K-Pop individual… so they’re like whatever. 

I will say, when I saw Martinez was a headliner my sixth grade self screamed internally. I’ll admit middle school me was obsessed with her debut album, Crybaby. I have it on vinyl and still consider the album to be a masterpiece. I’m very curious if her set at Lolla will have more of her new stuff or old stuff. I’d like to believe she’ll play her more popular, older, work but I think my hopes are getting the best of me. 

I think I’ll always remember looking at this lineup release while sitting in my juvenile delinquency class and gasping as I read the artists. I am so excited to attend this year’s festival and I can’t wait for all of the artists performing this year! Take it from someone who attended Lolla, it’s worth the money. 

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