Local Business Spotlight

Local Business Spotlight: The Vintage Shoppe

The Vintage Shoppe
220 N Walnut St Muncie, IN 47305
United States
38° 57' 38.3184" N, 88° 50' 45.5856" W

The Vintage Shoppe, a hidden gem of a small business located in downtown Muncie, is a one-stop shop for vintage clothing, accessories, furniture, artwork and good vibes. I recently discovered the store after having heard about it from my roommate, and I’ve since spent an embarrassing amount of time and money there. I would consider myself an avid thrifter and fashion junkie, so finding a quality vintage store in my college town was super important for the sake of my sanity and spare time; not my wallet, however… That being said, I thought the business that I spend the most of my free-time in deserved a local business spotlight. 

Jasmin Shoppe has owned and operated The Vintage Shoppe since 2015, selling vintage clothing, art and furniture in downtown Muncie. In an interview with Jasmin about her inspirations for starting the business, she expressed her lifelong love for unique fashion. She said: “I’ve always loved fashion. I came from a small town and always wanted to wear clothes no one else had so I always thrifted unique pieces!” Her passion for finding unique, quality pieces is evident the second you walk into her store.

Upon entering the store’s eccentric environment, expect to find standout pieces from all walks of life and to walk out with way more than you’d planned because of their extremely reasonable, college student-friendly, pricing. (Seriously. I got my halloween costume there for $10.) With new pieces introduced to the store everyday they’re opened, Jasmin makes sure there is something for every style and occasion. 

Local Business Spotlight Jasmin Shopp, Owner of The Vintage Shoppe

Since 2015, The Vintage Shoppe has collected strong support from returning customers! Returning customer-turned-employee and Ball State University Senior, Kaitie Mccormick, brought her firsthand experience into a conversation about what keeps customers coming back to the Vintage Shoppe. She said, “What made me come back to The Vintage Shoppe again, and again since my Freshman year (I'm now a Senior) has been the overall atmosphere of the store itself... The atmosphere, as well as the unique selection of clothing and home items, really helps bring people back because they know they're getting a unique and friendly shopping experience.” Together, Jasmin and Kaitie strive to build strong relationships with their customer base through helping people find stylish, unique pieces that never go out of style. 

The Vintage Shoppe is open on Fridays from 2-6pm and Saturdays from 12-4pm, and they’re located in downtown Muncie on 220 N Walnut Street! For regular updates on their new arrivals as well as their rummage sales, follow their instagram page @thevintageshoppetag! Happy shopping :)