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Sitting in my dorm watching people pass outside, I don’t feel like I would on a normal night. Tomorrow, I’ll have to worry about getting to class, or finishing that assignment I decided to put off until the day it’s due. My roommate and I sit and have this overwhelming feeling washing over us. We’ve been in this situation before, both of us not knowing how to overcome the feeling of dread facing the new week: we’re battling the Sunday Scaries.

Adjusting to college is no easy task for anyone, and I don’t believe that anything can truly prepare people for spending weekends away from home in an unfamiliar town. Not everyone has the luxury to be able to go home every weekend and spend time around friends and family, which can make college feel more like home. Being in my second year, I don’t have everything in college figured out. However, I feel as though I’ve cracked the code on how to battle the Sunday Scaries.

Sunday Scaries?

Looking ahead to the week coming up can be quite daunting and make an individual feel stressed, unmotivated, and anxious. This can make a person feel lethargic and likely to procrastinate getting ready for the next week. Here are some tips and tricks to help combat these feelings and make Sundays better than before.

Taking Time for Yourself

After all the hustle and bustle from the previous week, sometimes people forget to take a moment to themselves and just be. It’s okay to just sit every once in a while and relax, whether that be watching a movie, reading a book, or even scrolling aimlessly on TikTok. Make your day cozy by sitting in your favorite pajamas, grabbing your favorite drink, treating yourself to your favorite snack or curling up with a soft blanket. 

Nature Walks

Whenever I find myself getting overwhelmed and/or stressed about anything, I find that taking a walk on campus almost always helps calm me down. Sometimes getting lost in my thoughts with fresh air around me makes me feel better than before. There are so many great outdoor spots in Muncie to immerse yourself in to start feeling refreshed. You can take a walk around Ball State’s campus and see all the beautiful sights that the campus has to offer. Throughout all seasons, the scenery changes so much and it truly is beautiful to step outside and just see what the campus has to offer. If you are looking for more of a nature walk, Christy Woods or Cardinal Greenway in Muncie are perfect spots for you. On these trails, you can admire nature’s beauty: walking next to a beautiful river, catching a glimpse of animals and noticing the ever-changing look of nature around you.

Keeping Busy

If taking a break isn’t your style when it comes to preparing for the week ahead, I’ve also found that keeping busy with tasks that need to be accomplished helps battle those feelings of uneasiness. Doing simple tasks such as doing laundry for the week, getting caught up on any assignments, cleaning up your space or running any errands that have been on your list can help fill up your day to help make the new week easier to deal with.

Dealing with any emotions (no matter what they might be) is completely normal for everyone, but dealing with those emotions in college can be much more difficult. Making small choices such as creating time for yourself or staying busy throughout college can help manage hard emotions and tough times during the year. Just know that everyone is going through the same things you are, you are not alone in any of it!

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