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David Letterman at Ball State

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Ball State chapter.


Appearing onstage at his alma mater, Santa beard and all, David Letterman presented students, faculty and the Muncie community with an interview that included Spike Jonze (Her) and Bennet Miller (Foxcatcher) on topics about filmmaking.

Letterman may appear retired (and like he’s been Rip Van Winkle–ing), but the man hasn’t lost his touch. A highlight of the evening – when asking the two filmmakers about sexism in Hollywood – Miller replied, “I tense up when this subject is broached. It is a hot issue. I’m not a studio executive.” Letterman responded in the best way possible: “Having been very, very successful, now, can’t you devote your career to help others who struggle to be successful?” Miller said he finds that approach “patronizing,” and the interview is sure to spark conversations in the coming days and weeks.

Before Letterman was brought onto the stage, Ball State president Paul Ferguson also announced that Letterman would be donating his set and memorabilia from his late night show.

“We are proud to call David Letterman one of our own, and even more so, David is proud to call Ball State home,” Ferguson said.

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