Cardinal Bucket List: 10 Things to do Before you Leave Ball State

With the new year comes, new students, classes, professors, friends and maybe even a new you! College is a time to do your own thing, but there are certain things every Ball State student should experience before they graduate.

1. Cheer on the Cardinals at the homecoming football game.

Cheering on your school’s athletic teams is part of the college experience at a Division 1 school. If you only go to one game during your entire time at Ball State, it should be homecoming. The Cardinals may not always win, but there’s something about homecoming that cannot be explained, only experienced.

2. Participate in homecoming week activities.

Not everyone gets the chance to compete in Talent Search, AirJam or the Bed Races, but watching the events can be just as fun as competing in them! 

3. Play corn-hole while tailgating.

Corn-hole, or “bags” if you prefer, is an essential part of Midwestern culture, especially at tailgates. Sometimes the tailgate is better than the actual football game!

4. Catch a show at the Cave Theatre.

The Department of Theatre and Dance draws students from across the country to Ball State. These students put on shows throughout the year so you can always see a Broadway musical or play for cheap with your student ID.

5. Dip you toes in Frog Baby fountain.

Since it gets rather warm in Muncie during the beginning of the fall semester, the fountain surrounding Frog Baby is a great way to beat the heat. The fountain at Woodworth is also a great place to sit with your feet in the water while eating lunch or dinner.

6. Keep Frog Baby warm during the winter.

Frog Baby isn’t just a statue at Ball State, but a member of the family. The students take care of her as if she were their own child! The moment temperatures drop below freezing, scarves, hats and earmuffs begin to insulate the beloved bearer of good luck. Frog Baby may even be more prepared for the weather than you some days.

7. Contribute your own piece of gum to the Gum Tree

This may not be one of the most sanitary traditions at Ball State, but the Gum Tree is something you should at least see before you graduate. The different varieties of gum have made the tree quite colorful!

8. Catch a blockbuster at Friday Night Filmworks

If you’re a broke college student who can’t waist money on movies but want to see the latest flick, you should know that University Program Board (UPB), shows a different movie every Friday at Pruis Hall…for free! They ask for student input and show movies that are not yet released to DVD.

9. Go to “The Best Party on Campus.”

This party is free with your student ID and only costs one dollar for guests. Every Saturday night, Late Nite provides free food and fun and at the end of the year, students enjoy carnival rides and fireworks at the Late Nite Carnival.

10. Try something new.

College is a time to try new things, meet new people and find what makes you happy. There is something for everyone and, unlike high school, there are so many diverse people at Ball State, so just be you!