Ball State 2015 Outstanding Teacher

The winner of Ball State 2015 Outstanding Teaching Award, Kristen McCauliff, is an assistant professor of communication studies. McCauliff has taught at Ball State for seven years, and she said she was surprised to receive the award.

"I knew I was nominated, but there are so many good teachers that winning didn't even cross my mind," McCauliff said. "It was nice that they noticed. It was a good day."

Students who know McCauliff are not surprised, however, and many are excited that their professor's good work is paying off.

"I've never had a professor like her before," freshman Angela Johnson said. "I hope I get to have her again in the future."

Another student, junior Joshua Boden, said he too is glad that McCauliff is being recongnized.

"There are good professors and their are great ones," he said. "She's (McCauliff) one of the great ones."