Shoot your Shot

The saying, "shoot your shot" is one of my best friend’s favorite quotes. However, it didn't mean anything to me until recently. The basic idea of “Shoot your Shot” is basically a phrase that entails bravery on one’s part, no matter the results.

One Friday night, my friend from MIT invited my friends and me over to a fraternity party, but she was too tired to come to the party herself. Once we arrived at the party, it was boring. So, my friends and I started to talk to the strangers around us. I was talking to other people when I finally decided to join my friends who were talking to some of the brothers from the frat. Here, I met this extremely smart and pretty cute guy.

While updating my friend that invited me to the frat, I told her my only regret was not getting the cute guy's number. Lo and behold, she worked her magic and contacted the bouncer (the person who she went to get dinner with recently) to ask his brother for his number. I remember waking up Saturday morning shocked because I got a text from her with 10 digits and the word, “Enjoy” next to it. I’m not the type of person to text a stranger, especially if the person didn't give me the number himself.  

My two close friends that went to the party with me encouraged to take a chance and text him. We spent all of the dinner crafting a text to get it perfect.  We were probably overthinking it, but what else could we do? After hitting “send,” I felt this huge sigh of relief over me.

It’s been a week and he replied to my initial text the day after. We have been talking a lot recently about school and life. He’s such a sweetheart, but for now, I’m gonna leave the relationship to be pending since we go to different schools...

Ultimately, you never know until you try. What if I didn’t text him? I would never have known if he liked me too. What if I texted him, but he expressed no interest? I get to leave with closure knowing that he probably wasn't the right guy for me. What if I sent that text, and he did reciprocate interest? Then wow, I scored because he is a catch! All these “what if” questions only come to mind when you regret something.

My point in telling this story is that you never know until you try. Therefore, your best option is always to TRY otherwise you will miss out on numerous opportunities. This doesn’t just apply to love life, it could also include academics, sports, or simply anything else. I implore you to take a chance sometime this week and do something out of your comfort zone!