Must-Do’s in Barcelona

Reflecting back on the most amazing week I just had, I wanted to share some tips about Barcelona, Spain, and what I believe are must-do things when visiting.


1. La Sagrada Familia

This architectural beauty is one that every time you go to Barcelona requires a visit. Independent of your religion, beliefs, or culture etc. this masterpiece created by Gaudi deserves a visit. The experience is impossible to describe accurately in words, but the building is so much more than Catholicism, it's about celebrating life and all that is greater than life —Nature.


2. Barceloneta Beach

If you want to see what it is truly like living in Barcelona, walk along the beach and just watch people live. It’s truly amazing to see people of all ages embracing their routines (PSA. part of the beach is a nude beach, so be aware). Watch those that are courageous enough to swim in the Atlantic, and enjoy a nice cold sangria while sitting on the beach listening to Catalan/Spanish.


3. Espit Chupitos

I’m someone who absolutely loves to party, but even if you only go out one night in Barcelona, or want to see something different stop by Chupitos. This shot-bar is unique, they have over 500+ shots of different kinds, including fire, candies, hot/cold, anything you can imagine they have. Apart from that, they are also super cheap, truly a great way to start a night out in the city. (Make sure you go to the one by the harbor - shout out to Thiago, the amazing Brazilian bartender!)


4. Anything Gaudi

Apart from the Sagrada Familia, you must go see other architectural masterpieces that Gaudi has built around Barcelona that nevertheless gave the city its true character. This includes Casa Batllo, Park Guell, Casa Mila etc. There are so many pieces, that chances are you will encounter one of his works while strolling through the city. He is an artist that created his pieces, not for himself, but for others.


5. Las Ramblas

Walk up and down Las Ramblas, watch the tourists, and then walk into the market La Boqueria to be stunned by the colors and the quality of the food being sold. Anything you can imagine is sold there, I strongly recommend the chocolate covered strawberries - they are amazing.

Barcelona is so much more than this list, and when visiting you’ll see what I mean. I can’t wait to go back. If you’re looking for a city to find yourself and to just live life, this is the perfect place.