Her Campus Babson Visit To HQ

Since the Her Campus office will be moving to a new location in the Fenway Boston area in January, they sent out an email on November 28 that let all Boston chapters know that they had a ton of free items to clear out beforehand. So, anyone was welcome to stop by the office.

With that being said, the entire HC Babson E-Board decided to go. It was great to see where the magic happens, and meet the people who send all the emails.

We were also able to get a huge amount of things for our launch party such as 40 mascara samplers, conditioner, promotional swag, books, and beauty products. The best part of it was the three Lenovo projectors we got. Projecting Netflix shows on the ceiling of my dorm? Please, and thank you.

Overall, the visit was a great experience for everyone. We bonded over free stuff, Panera, and Uber naps. A huge thank you to HC for the goodies!