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Giving Girls Their Cinderella Moments: Meet Stephanie Mishler, Founder of Home By Midnight

Name: Stephanie Mishler

Hometown: Newtown, Pennsylvania

Concentrations: Entrepreneurship, Environmental Sustainability, Finance

Fun Fact: I am on Babson’s Track and Field Team


1. Tell us a little about yourself, what led you to come to Babson?

I am forever grateful I found out about Babson since it is kind of crazy how few people in my hometown know about Babson. My mom actually found out about the school by chance at a dinner party in New Jersey by a close family friend. I took a tour and fell in love. Finally, I got that “feeling” when you know you are at the perfect place to learn and grow. I decided to apply for the Summer Study, which is very similar to the Foundations of Management and Entrepreneurship course that all Freshman take at Babson. Each class was so exciting that I wondered how it could even be considered school. I loved being surrounded by such diverse and intelligent people; I learned as much from them as I did from the classroom. After the study, I confirmed that I was going to major in Entrepreneurship and what better school to be at than the one that has been ranked #1 for Entrepreneurship for 25 years now?


2. What inspired you to start Home by Midnight?

I started watching beauty tutorials on youtube after camp every day when I was twelve and never turned back. Since then, I have been all about hair, makeup, glitz, and glam. When I got to high school, I decided I wanted to do something unique with this passion. My guidance counselor suggested I do the hair and makeup at a prom for kids with disabilities, so I took his advice and found the Autism Cares Prom. I gathered a bunch of my friends who could style hair and apply makeup, collected makeup donations, and set up a makeshift salon. Prom night was magical. A girl in a baby blue dress with her golden hair that we tied in a princess bun said “I feel like Cinderella” and at that moment, I made it my mission to give girls around the world their princess moments. I decided that establishing a non-profit organization was the perfect way to bring this mission to fruition. “Home By Midnight” is named for every girl at the prom that feels like Cinderella- who, of course, has a famous curfew of 12:00 am.


3. What is your ultimate goal with the organization?

The ultimate goal of Home By Midnight is to enroll as many girls as possible to do the hair and makeup for young adults with disabilities at a prom local to them. I dream of creating a worldwide team of Fairy Godmothers who can make every girl in the world feel like Cinderella. To accomplish this, I need to get the word out through platforms-like Her Campus! Each new team of girls who do the hair and makeup at prom is called a chapter of Home By Midnight. More chapters of girls will allow Home By Midnight to spread worldwide happiness in the form of lipgloss and tiaras.


4. Ten years from now, where do you see yourself?

One term that coins where I want to be in ten years is “Girl Boss”. I am passionate about entrepreneurship, volunteerism, and the beauty industry. My dream is to tie these passions together and turn Home By Midnight into a social venture makeup company. I envision a philanthropic and sustainable brand that promotes beauty and empowerment. I have yet to make up my mind on what point in my life I aspire to launch this brand, so in ten years all I hope is that I am holding on to my passions and running with them. I see myself in a position where I am significantly changing people’s lives in the only way that I know, through beauty and philanthropy.


5. How can others get involved?

To get involved you can email me at stephaniem@homebymidnight.org, and I will help you find a prom or dance near you, makeup donations, and a space for your own makeshift beauty salon! I will also send you Home By Midnight t-shirts and aprons for prom night. All you need is friends who love to give back and do hair and makeup, and are able to work closely with young adults with disabilities. For more information, please visit homebymidnight.org and blogbymidnight.org!


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