Get A Complimentary Membership of The Wall Street Journal

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Her Campus is partnering with The Wall Street Journal to promote their complimentary school-sponsored membership to select schools - and Babson is one of them!

The Wall Street Journal is curated for everyone, it’s members are the most ambitious people in the world. The Wall Street Journal is a necessary source of information not just for U.S. readers, but for readers around the world. Babson is a very diverse campus itself, and The Wall Street Journal will allow students to obtain a worldly perspective.

Her Campus Babson is doing a collaboration with The Wall Street Journal, and we're giving away some goodies on our Facebook page to publicize the fact that The WSJ is offering complimentary memberships to Babson College students. Getting your complimentary membership is simple - and complimentary! Stay up to date with The Wall Street Journal’s news, views, insights, research and resources and start reading ambitiously today. 

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