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Your Halloween Squad Costume Based on your Social Sorority

  For some people, finding the right Halloween costume comes naturally and without much thought or effort. For the rest of us, it takes tons of time and consideration to even create a list of viable options. In fact, perhaps the only thing more stressful than finding a Halloween costume for yourself is deciding on group costumes. So, for all my fellow sorority girls on campus who have a weekend full of fun Halloween activities, here are some awesome squad costumes that will help you and your sisters stand out. 

For the members of Chi Alpha Pi…Disney Princesses

  There may be no better costume idea for CAPs than channeling our love of Disney. Of course, just because you’re going as a Disney Princess doesn’t mean you have to break out the big gowns. Modernize your costume: become the hipster princess you’ve always identified with, or make it fun and trashy. Either way, it’s sure to be a magical night with your squad. 

For the members of Zeta Phi Kappa…Saturday Morning Cartoons

  What better way to make a squad costume than drawing inspiration from the great squads of our childhood? From Scooby-Doo to Recess, there’s tons of fun and colorful costume ideas to highlight the unique individuality of your squad. Plus, it gives you a chance to be artsy and creative to bring your favorite characters to life!

For the members of Chi Omega Gamma…Sports Squad

  Ever COG knows how to have a fun time, so it’s only natural that an easy, cute, and chill costume should be on your list. Grab matching jersey’s, tie your hair up in matching ponytails, and get ready for a fun night out with the squad without having to worry about fixing your hair and makeup. After all, the COGs are in a league of their own. 

For the members of Delta Chi Theta…Beanie Babies 

  With so many sisters to choose from, a costume for a large squad is a definite must. And since animal costumes are not only cute and easy, this idea will make organizing party groups easy and fun! 

For the members of Phi Rho…Flower Child


  From the four seasons to flower-crowned hippies, there may be no better way to embrace the idea of the Phi Ro garden than drawing inspiration from mother nature. So break out your flower crowns and flouncy dresses and have fun this weekend!

For the members of Sigma Kappa Tau…Killer Lady Squad

  While the smallest sorority on campus, the KTs are strong and mighty. So, what better way to embrace your individuality than by creating an awesome killer lady group costume? From secret agents to biker girls, there are endless possibilities to slay the party you walk into. 

For the members of Sigma Pi Delta…Frat Boys 

  Halloween costumes don’t always have to be cute and pretty. Sometimes, the best costumes are the funniest ones, and for the Speeds, what better way to spend Halloween than laughing with your friends over your frat squad costume? After all, you’re still going to look awesome. 


Katie Kleve is a sophomore at Augustana College studying English-Writing and Theater Arts. She has a fondness for birds, musicals, and media production, and spends her free time hanging out in the Theater and watching Gilmore Girls.
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