What Do You See?

What do you See?


Do you have have the desire to look at me

To look me in the eyes and tell me what you see

You once sang to me a melody which said ‘the eyes are the window to the soul’

In this present moment, my eyes feel like black holes


I’m aware you’re no Casanova, but still I find it hard to trust

In one way or another, they all leave you in the dust

Suddenly I closed my eyes, I was scared of what you’d say

All is fair in love and war, but it’s over if your words are cliche


Tell me I’ve been ‘kissed by the sun’

That’s what I want to hear

Tell me that I’m soul-affirming

And I’ll surely shed a tear


I opened up my eyes again, looked up and saw your face

A face so reassuring, how could I forget this place

So please, whisper to me softly, and tell me what you see

And if your words are beautiful my soul can be set free


“You are funny, free-spirited, intelligent, and kind

And in those moments when you’re dancing, I swear your soul’s divine

Your spirit is my melody and the reason why I sing

Your soul is always blooming, you’re the essence of the spring”