Twenty Songs For Your Fall Playlist

November is a weird music month. Even if you’re not a huge music nerd like I am and don’t watch the popular charts, November sits in that strange holiday gap where it’s much too late to listen to silly spooky songs, and far too early for most of us to warmly accept Holiday tunes. So, for those of you who are struggling to create the perfect relaxing playlist for break this November, here are twenty songs to listen to.

  1. Literature Lovers (Jose Vanders; Literature Lovers)

  2. To Make You Feel My Love T(Mick  McAuley & Winifred Horan; Serenade)

  3. Letting Go (Corey Cott; Drafts: The Music of Alexander Sage Oyen, Vol 2)

  4. Heart’s Content (Brandi Carlile; Bear Creek)

  5. Delicate (Damien Rice; O)

  6. Underground (Cody Fry; audio:cinema)

  7. Fire Escape (Foster the People; Supermodel)

  8. Hello My Old Heart (The Oh Hellos; The Oh Hellos EP)

  9. Growing Up (Run River North; Run River North)

  10. Simple As This (Jake Bugg; Jake Bugg)

  11. I And Love and You (The Avett Brothers; I And Love And You)

  12. What Can I Do (But Love You) (Joy Williams; One Of Those Days EP)

  13. Wasn’t Expecting That (Jamie Lawson; Jamie Lawson)

  14. Please Don’t Say You Love Me (Gabrielle Aplin; English Rain EP)

  15. Home (Dan Croll; Sweet Disarray)

  16. Rules (Nat & Alex Wolff; Last Station + Rules)

  17. The Village, The Wolf, and The Boy (Taylor Berrett; Great Falls)                                            

  18. Songbird (Ben Abraham; Sirens)

  19. Fools (Lauren Aquilina; Fools)

  20. Five Foot Three (Flannel Graph; Five Foot Three)