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Every year when Halloween rolls around the neighborhood comes to life. Kids run around in costumes and every house is decorated with a different theme; everyone’s personal tastes make the place look like a piece of art. It’s a beautiful sight. No one outdoes me though. 

A knock at the door and I already know what to expect, kids trick or treating each in their own cute little costumes. 

“What do we have here?” I ask, a smile on my face. “Let’s see we have a pirate, a spooky ghost, and a terrifying werewolf! Wow you guys look so cool.” 

I drop a handful of candy into each of their bags and their eyes light up.

“Help, help me please,” a raspy female voice says. I keep a smile plastered on my face. 

I look back to see the woman slowly making her way towards the door. When I look back the children’s faces start to morph into one of fright.

“Oh no don’t worry guys, she’s just playing around, a trick to scare people tonight. C’mon Amanda, I said to not scare the kids, ugh. Run along now, and have a spooky Halloween,” I tell the kids as I close the door.

Before it shuts, one of them yells, “I like your decorations!”

The compliment makes me happy, for a second before I turn back to the crying woman lying at my feet and I kick at her to face her up.

“I told you to stay in the basement, I can’t have you scaring away the kids. Jeez for once use your brain,” I say as I crouch down. “Whatever, let’s go back downstairs. You’re going to be the centerpiece for next Halloween.”

With that, I pick her up and throw her over my shoulder. Again she tries calling for help but no one can hear her, her vocal cords are sore from all the screaming she’s done in the past few days. I return her to her place in the basement with the other two individuals.

“I don’t have time to deal with you guys tonight, but tomorrow, expect to be dealt with,” I sneer.

I heard a knock on the door and I look towards the three bloody individuals tied up. “Ooo yay, more trick or treaters,” I squeal, “gotta go, can’t keep the kiddos waiting!”

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Elia Murillo

Augustana '25

Just a tired latina college student who likes to talk. Aside from writing I like to participate in the arts and I'm studying to become a veterinarian.
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