Top 9 Coolest Sharks

    Sharks are my favorite animal, so here’s a list of some of the coolest ones in the ocean!

1. Whale Shark

The whale shark is one of my absolute favorites! It’s the largest shark in the ocean, growing up to 60 feet long! Despite its size, however, there is no reason to fear these gentle giants. They are filter feeders, which means they cannot bite or chew. They use their gill rakers to suction shrimp, plankton, and small fish.

2. Brown Shyshark

The brown shyshark (aka the plain happy) is my other favorite because of how adorable it is! It is a catshark that feeds on bony fish and lobster and is completely harmless to humans. When threatened, it hides by curling up into a ball and covering its eyes with its tail. 

3. Goblin Shark

    The goblin shark prefers to spend its life in the dark, only coming to the surface late at night. During the day, it can be found in the deepest parts of the ocean. Its nickname is “living fossil” because it is the only living member of the 125 million-year-old Mitsukurinidae family!

4. Hammerhead Shark

    One of the more well-known sharks on this list, this shark’s unique head shape allows it to see in 360 degrees, meaning it can see above and below itself at all times!

5. Basking Shark

    Like the whale shark, this one is also a filter feeder, though it’s a bit smaller! Adults typically reach around 26 feet long, making it the second-largest shark in the ocean. Though its appearance is a bit horrifying, it is actually completely harmless to humans!

6. Frilled Shark

    Like the goblin shark, the frilled shark has hardly changed since prehistoric times. Its snake-like body makes it similar to an eel in appearance. However, it is more closely related to great white and hammerhead sharks. What sets it apart from other sharks is the fact that its upper jaw is connected directly to its skull!

7. Megamouth Shark

    The megamouth shark is the third and final filter feeder on this list! It was only recently discovered in 1976 and since its discovery has only been spotted by humans a few times because it prefers to hang out closer to the ocean floor. It has a very distinctive head and mouth shape, but because of its rarity, not much is actually known about it. 

8. Mako Shark

    The mako shark is the fastest in the ocean. Even though it is a fish, the mako shark gives birth to live young, producing four to eighteen pups! This shark has one of the largest brain-body ratios and is actually incredibly smart. It is even able to recognize individual researchers. 

9. Bull Shark

    In my opinion, the bull shark is the scariest on this list. While most sharks will not attack humans unless provoked, the bull shark is one of the most aggressive sharks and should definitely be avoided. Not only will it attack unprovoked, but it is not found only in the ocean! Indeed, the bull shark is the only shark able to thrive in saltwater and freshwater and it is often found in rivers and lakes.

surfing big wave Photo by guille pozzi from Unsplash