Top 5 Albums to Listen to this Christmas

As the holiday cheer becomes evermore infectious, losing yourself into some Christmas music will be a sure bliss. Everyone knows that the holidays are filled with loud family members, a lot of stress (whether it is getting last minute gifts or making sure the meal is perfect), and family members from all over wishing you holiday cheer. If you don't have time for watching the countless Christmas movies this holiday season, here are some Christmas albums where you can find the same joyful cheer through the instruments and voices of many.

5 Best Christmas Albums

5.)Trans-Siberian Orchestra Christmas Eve and Other Stories

  If you want a little rock-and-roll this Christmas then this album is for you. Due to their variety of instruments for their songs, there is something for everyone. With their unique instrumental sound, they will be able to get you excited for Christmas in no time. 

4.) Kelly Clarkson Wrapped in Red

  The unique voice from Kelly Clarkson shapes the songs to have her cheerful spirit brought into each song she sings. If you enjoy a powerful female voice and listening to Christmas songs, then I suggest taking a look at listening to this album.

3.) Pentatonix That's Christmas to Me


  From the variety of voices offered in this group, they offer an altered version of the songs by shaping their voices to flow beautifully with the songs. If anything, listen to their song Hallelujah because it is some of their best work in molding their voices to the music.

2.) Michael Buble Christmas

  Michael Buble offers a different sound to the original Christmas songs by adding a bit of jazz to them. Despite his jazz, the songs still bring out the holiday spirit while he modernizes the music.

1.) The Essential Now That's What I Call Christmas

  If you don't have time to look around for all of the popular Christmas songs, this is your one-stop shop to find them. They offer a lot from artists of today like Carrie Underwood to all the way back to The Chipmunk Song.

  Despite the chaos Christmas is sure to offer, these songs help you get through them with a smile on your face.