Into the Spider-Verse Review

This holiday season, Sony Animation Studios released Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. This highly anticipated film is not part of any previous franchises. The Spider-Verse comic series was seen on television screens, but has never been incorporated into the movies. Not only does Into the Spider-Verse introduce the character of Miles Morales as Spiderman, but many other new characters are introduced.

The introduction of Miles Morales is a big change for Spider-Man. The original Peter Parker has been in 3 different franchise reboots in recent years, each played by a young white man. Miles Morales, on the other hand, is a half black and half Puerto Rican character. Into the Spider-Verse has even been widely released entirely in Spanish. Miles and his mother speak a mix of Spanish and English in the movie, highlighting his multiculturalism. As a white person, I was warmed by this representation. I can’t imagine how important a character like Miles could be to someone who often doesn’t get to see characters like themselves on screen.

The fun of Into the Spider-Verse comes from the fact that Miles is not the only Spider-Man in the movie. Miles meets the original Spider-Man, Peter Parker, as well as Peter B. Parker, Spider-Woman, Penni Parker, Spider-Ham, and Spider-Man Noir. The diverse cast of characters is both comedic and heartwarming. Though I had my doubts about the late introduction of some Spider-men, each character brought their own flavor to the film. They each feature their own animation style, which is incorporated during the fight scenes. The animation switches between classic comic book style and beautifully rendered 3D animation. 

When these superhuman characters meet each other, they feel a sense of belonging. A strong theme of the film is the idea that the characters are not alone, despite their feelings that they do not belong. The message is a great one to spread, both for the children that are the intended audience for the film and the adults who also see it. The fear of being an outcast is very common for kids and teenagers, and though it is stronger for the characters, it is still very relatable for the audience.

Into the Spider-Verse has proven itself enjoyable for all audiences. I saw it with a group of friends, all college-aged, and we all loved it. We thought it was one of the better movies we had ever seen. Adult critics have given the movie great reviews. It has an impressive 97% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. On Sunday, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse won the Golden Globe award for best animated feature. The award was well deserved, and the film is a favorite for the animation category of the upcoming Oscar awards.

Fans of Spider-Man will love the way this movie compliments the source material. Superhero fans will love the action. Fans of comedy will find this movie pleasantly funny. The soundtrack is filled with potential radio hits, and the score perfectly captures the feelings of the film. The movie manages to perfectly balance every element to create a wonderful viewing experience. Many “family friendly” movies are not loved by audiences of all ages, but Into the Spider-Verse is a truly family friendly film.