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Songs you’ll always find on my top playlist


With the weather increasingly getting colder, a lot of students begin to suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder, commonly referred to as Seasonal Depression. 

Sometimes my way of coping with the gloomier weather is to just relax and listen to some of my favorite tunes. Despite adding new music to my top playlists all the time, there are always those few songs that never seem to leave my playlist.

Hopefully those of you also trying to tune out and power through the season with music will enjoy some of these tunes as well.

  1. What A Feeling – One Direction

  2. Antichrist – The 1975

  3. Good Morning Fire Eater – Copeland

  4. 505 – Arctic Monkeys

  5. Stuck With Me – The Neighbourhood

  6. Woman – Harry Styles

  7. Mary Did You Know – Pentatonix

  8. Run to You – Pentatonix

  9. Down in the Dumps – Walk The Moon

  10. Sex – The 1975

Giselle Barajas

Augustana '22

MJMC and Political Science Major
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