Her hands f    across the keys,

music o  p   from the piano.

            u   o

               t   u





She performs hymn after hymn,

a connection to her God.


Her kids do not feel the attachment to the piano,

so they opt not to play.


Her grandchildren do not possess any musical ability,

so they elect not to play.


Nevertheless, she continues to perform,

finding solace in the black and white keys.


Then comes the day,

when her great-grandchild asks,


"Could I take piano lessons?"


Alas, there is someone to keep the tradition alive,

and the piano is passed down to the girl.


She now takes comfort in the music,

all 88 piano keys calling to her.


This piano links her to her ancestors,

and the girl will turn it over to her kids, 

just like her great-grandmother did.