Release Radar: Bishop Briggs

Bishop Briggs, an indie pop musician from Scotland, just released her latest album Champion on November 8th. Her new music is different from her previous releases as it’s much more electronic. The album centers around the battle of romance, relationships, and the ultimate loss of an important relationship. Briggs is a powerhouse singer with a reputation of mixing unique sounds into her songs to capture interest. Her use of organs in previous albums was what first attracted me to her music. Many of her songs center around relationships and the struggles involved.

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Here’s a few songs from her discography to get you started on Briggs:

1. River (Bishop Briggs- 2017)

Favorite Line: “How do you fall in love?/Harder than a bullet could hit you/How do we fall apart?/Faster than a hairpin trigger”  

This song is her most-well known, and it was the first song I ever heard by her. It has a thundering beat that propels the song forward to a shouted and angry chorus about a confusing relationship dynamic. Give it a listen when you want to release some pent-up anger.  

2. The Way I Do (Bishop Briggs- 2017)

Favorite Line: “Oh, but you will never know this love/Will never know this pain/Never know the way I feel for you”  

The deep humming at the beginning of the song absolutely sold me. It’s such a unique way to start a song and it immediately grabs your attention. The pre-chorus also incorporates her signature use of a church organ to swell into a dramatic and pulsing chorus accompanied by a choir in the background.  

3. Tattooed On My Heart (Champion- 2019, Explicit)

Favorite Line: “I'm so done with your fake promises/'Cause I've been through all this sh-- with you before”  

A new staple for any breakup playlist. Rather than being sad and lost without her partner, Briggs sings that she is done with playing romantic games and is trying to cut ties with them. Listen to this song for a mood boost!  

4. Baby (Single- 2018, Explicit)

Favorite Line: “My baby's misunderstood/How could something so bad look so damn good”  

This was the first song of hers that I heard on the radio. If your musical tastes lean more towards pop, this one’s for you. This song is about loving a problematic person despite all odds. The chorus is dreamy and electronic and is sure to stir up all the feels.

5. Champion (Champion- 2019)

Favorite Line: “You gotta get bruised/Before you get mad/You gotta fall down/Before you fight back”

This is the title track for her most recent album. Briggs sings an empowering message of overcoming adversity and fighting for yourself. Her powerful vocals make this song very motivational and energizing. Add this song to your workout playlist before your next trip to the gym.