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The Sunday scaries can get the best of all of us sometimes, and that’s okay! As long as we can acknowledge that this is a real thing and that there are things we can do to help or even prevent the Sunday scaries, then we are in good shape. Some weeks are more stressful than others, harder than others, easier than others, and much more. Our days and moods fluctuate- it’s a part of being human. In order to best maintain all of these fluctuations, one way is to get in tune with our mind and body and then to read and digest these five quick tips for handling the Sunday scaries.


Tip #1- Plan for some YOU time. 

Make Sunday a fun day! It is so important to focus on yourself and your mindset on this day in specific and every day. This will help in easing your stress and improving your mood. “Me time” has so many benefits to it I could not begin to list them all. Be sure to incorporate time for yourself no matter what it is or how long or short, just squeeze it in! You are valuable and the Sunday scaries do not belong with leisure time. Soak in those last minutes of your weekend and you will be able to better enjoy it while it lasts. 


Tip #2- Be Proactive.

Move your life maintenance, busy work and to-do lists to Friday or even earlier in the work. Space out the stressors that cause the Sunday scaries on Sunday. This way you will feel more in control and balanced in yourself and your workload. Procrastination can be hard to prevent, we are all guilty of it but try to do yourself a favor and be proactive. This will make a huge difference in lifestyle. Everyone deserves to be able to relax on Sunday.


Tip #3- Live in the moment.

Be here in the NOW. Sunday scaries come from the anticipation of what is to come and what needs to be done. Shut down that habit and that unwanted mindset and be adamant about living in the moment. All you have is the present, be sure to appreciate it. Don’t ruin a perfectly good time with worry and stress, this will take away from the moment you are in. When those worries try to take hold of you and creep in, remind yourself that it is still the weekend and you still deserve to relax and have a carefree Sunday.


Tip #4- Make Mondays more motivational.

Sunday scaries tend to stem from not only the anticipation of the tasks that need to be done, conversations that may need to be held, and the worry of what’s to come but also from the common understanding that Mondays suck. Switch your mindset with this- it only makes the Sunday scaries more dreadful. News flash: Mondays do not have to be horrible despite the fact that Mondays are the start of the week. Just because your weekend/ days off are over does not mean that you are done for. Once again, instill more YOU time into your Monday, create a morning routine, do something fun, find something to look forward to, all to knock out two birds in one- conquering the Sunday scaries and overcoming the supposed mournful Monday.


Tip #5- Make a change.

Is there something in your life that you do not like? That you do not enjoy? That brings little to no benefit to you? Then make a change. Get a new job. Go on an adventure. Eat healthy. Start a new book. Travel to a place you’ve always wanted to go and get a change of scenery.  Any type of positive change will help in shutting down the Sunday scaries. Do what is best for you because there is no reason to not enjoy the one life we have been gifted with. Everyone deserves the best and the only person who knows what is truly best for you, is indeed you. Make a change in your life in order to better yourself and remove the Sunday scaries.


Kourtney Troha

Augustana '23

[Augustana College 2023 Elementary Education Major] Positivity, kindness, and simplicity- words I live by. My name is Kourtney Troha and my goal is to live with intent. Writing gives me a gateway into that as well as a purpose to my everyday life. I believe in always finding the good in everyday. I hope to reach people through my writing and to appreciate the little things as much as I can. I find joy and peace in making others happy. Some of my interests are Golfing, Writing, Cooking & Baking, and I love dogs and animals. I am excited to see what the future holds. I love meeting new people and gaining new perspectives! Opportunities to connect- Instagram: @kourttroha Vsco: @kourttro
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