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Accessories are like the cherries to your banana split ice cream. A banana split is not complete without the cherries just like how an outfit isn’t complete without a purse or a pair of diamond earrings. Forgetting about the cherries is a disgrace to the entire concept of a banana split sundae. 

So, let’s not do any disservice to your cute outfit.


The fashion world is not limited to only clothing. Nowadays, accessories are an inseparable part of clothing. If you want to look stylish, then adding fashion accessories with your outfit is necessary to spice up your look.


1. Accessories Create Different Looks

No one wants to repeat the same outfit and no one wants to go out and buy an entirely different outfit for just one occasion. With accessories, you can take that same outfit but give it a new look. Depending on the occasion you can even dress down the outfit with simple accessories or dress up the same outfit with fancier accessories.

2. Lets Your Personality Shine 

Accessories are like your trademark symbols. They show a quick synopsis of how you are as a person and it shows off your certain tastes and preferences. While your choice of clothes says everything about your style and preference, accessories help to take it to the next level. 

3. Confidence Boost 

People get confused between style and comfort, thinking they have to choose over the other. Pick accessories that make you feel comfortable and trendy. This will help you focus on important tasks during the day and improve your confidence in doing those tasks. If you wear something that makes sitting still for a few hours torture, you’ll find yourself feeling less confident in any situation. 


By itself, a white shirt and jeans are just that, a very simple nondescript outfit. Add a beautiful bag, some great heels and your outfit will have a completely put-together look. The power of accessorizing doesn’t just come from picking any accessory. You should pick something that you think you can rock and feel confident at the end of the day. 


Shubhi Sharma

Augustana '22

Shubhi Sharma is currently a senior at Augustana College. She is majoring in Biology/Pre-dental with the hopes to become an orthodontist. She has a passion for fashion, writing poetry, and painting. If you don't find her studying in the lounge then she's probably watching anime or deciding which luxury brand to buy at next. She hopes that by writing about her unique experiences, thoughts, and ideas that others will find it entertaining, encouraging, and most importantly relatable.
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