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Another fantastic day awaited my friend and I in Prague, Czech Republic. We were on an incline from the hilly scene of the city-like area with lots of buildings. When we arrived, my friend encouraged us to go to the top of the hill where we could get a view of the city. Thankfully, Augustana College has many hills that trained my friend and I to walk around, but that didn’t stop me from complaining. We walked to the top, and it was breathtaking. My aching legs were not a thought in my mind as we gazed at the city below. Granted, I dragged my friend to the Starbucks they had there because I needed my coffee boost.

three woman looking back and facing body of water
Photo by Suhyeon Choi from Unsplash

We walked around and took a lot of photos of the gorgeous city. As we went through a passage, we were greeted with an enormous church that no picture could do justice. There were countless minuscule details that made it captivating, and I could stare at it all day to appreciate each aspect of it. Although it was incredible, there was so much more for us to explore with the day fleeting away.

My friend and I went to two churches (which were gorgeous) and the Museum of Communism. The museum was mesmerizing and kept my interest as I read and learned more about Communism. Unlike the House of Terror in Hungary, this museum had a lighter tone and focused on informing the audience with no jail cells I had to walk by. Walking back to the hotel was incredible as the sun was setting and I was thinking how much we had traveled and saw within the last couple of days. At the hotel, we prepared for our last destination in Berlin.  

Jessica Manly

Augustana '21

I am passionate about making others happy, problem-solving, and leading others to success with strong communication skills, ambitiously taking the initiative, and am adaptable to new situations. I am currently pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in English and Communication Studies and Associate's Degrees in Multimedia Journalism and Mass Communication as well as Classical Studies. Life is not always easy, but our perseverance and vulnerability help guide us to success.
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