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It feels like it has been a long winter with a lot of gloomy days. When the sun goes away and rarely makes an appearance during the winter months it is easy to get sad and feel burnt out. Personally, I have been experiencing a lot of that recently because when the weather is bad, all I want to do is stay in my room and do nothing. There are times where I have no motivation to even go to the store, do homework, or even get out of my bed. The dreadful winter months bring so many days of gloominess where everyone just feels so out of it. I know that specifically this month it has been extra draining because we are stuck inside with a pandemic that is still going on globally. With that, we are unable to do things that we would usually do during the winter months which is even more drinking. Recently, we were able to get a glimpse of the spring weather which just made me miss being outdoors. I was able to go outside, go on a walk, and soak in all of the sunshine. I could tell through myself and through others that those three or four days of sunshine were much needed. I have missed being able to spend time outdoors with my friends and family and soak in all of the much-needed sunshine. There is something about a sunny day that just puts you in a good mood and makes you want to be productive. I can not wait to get out of these gloomy days into the sunny days and spend my days outdoors and have all of the motivation back because right now it is hard wanting to be productive and get things done. Living in a pandemic and being a full time senior in college as well as working 20-30 hours a week makes me feel drained. I feel like all I ever do is go to class, finish homework, and work and this is the constant cycle because I do not have time for anything else. I just miss the warm weather that is packed with sunshine. I can’t wait for it to all come back. 

Dagmara Prync

Augustana '21

Dagmara is an elementary education major. She hopes to teach 1st or 2nd grade. She enjoys writing, spending time with family and friends, and reading in her free time. After college, Dagmara hopes to get her masters degree while she is teaching little kids.
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