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Losing your Thanksgiving Weight

As everyone returns from the Thanksgiving break, lots of thoughts begin to swarm in our minds, one of which may be of how to lose all the weight you just put on. All that turkey, stuffing, potatoes, rolls, casseroles, and pies (the best part) which were passed around right in front of you at the meal, how could you resist? I know I couldn’t as my mother passed around homemade cornbread during our meal. Of course, the holidays allow us to indulge a little as we begin to wear bigger clothing, but the few reasons you should consider staying fit are for your health, to keep feeling great, and enjoy an amazing body to get your holidays on in. Now that the temptations of Thanksgiving are gone, here are some activities you can do to redeem yourself.

Go to the Gym

For those who enjoy staying in a neutral area, go to the gym. There are plenty of toys, I mean machines, that you can play with in the gym. You can get into those special areas where you really need to focus on your weight loss. One of the staff members would be glad to help you find the machine to best meet your criteria. Although if you don’t enjoy paying the fees to go to the gyms, try one of the other activities provided to get similar results.

Play Sports

Even though it may be a bit more chilly this time of year there are plenty of sports you can play outside and indoors. You can still have fun in the snow by snowboarding, skiing, or skating. If the outdoors are not your scene then you can play almost anything inside with enough space including tennis, roller skating, and basketball. There are plenty of options available to get your game on this holiday season.


By also losing weight, you can also become more flexible by doing yoga. I remember doing it and although you are a bit sore after, you can become more flexible over time and lose some weight in the process. You don’t need that much space to do it and you can either do it in a large area with others or in the comfort of your own home. It is a nice simple activity to participate in with great results at the end.

Dance/ Zumba

Who doesn’t love to dance? Dancing helps burn a lot of calories and it’s more fun than most traditional weight loss methods. Like yoga, you can Zumba in your home with someone online guiding you or in a big setting with others. The main difference between dancing and Zumba is that dancing you can do wherever you want. There are no restrictions on needing someone to guide you through the routine. You can make up whatever you want, whenever you want, as long as it is not in an area not known for dancing, i.e. in the middle of a lunchroom. This is not going to turn into Radio Rebel.

Ride your Bike

If you enjoy fighting the cold and going on your bike, this is the perfect activity for you. As long as the snow is still hiding in the sky, you can enjoy a long bike ride through a beautiful area. Whether you live near the forest, in the middle of a city, or in cornfields, bike riding is a nice way of getting to know more about your area while losing weight along with it. It is really fun when you get those few days of bliss when it feels more like fall than winter. 


Another activity for those who enjoy fighting the cold is to run or jog. It usually follows the same criteria as riding a bike (without the need of a bicycle), but when you run or jog you can do it whenever you want. Weather is not a major factor most of the time, except in tornadoes then go hide in a safe zone. You can set your own pace and have fun losing yourself in running or jogging wherever you want.


The simplest thing that you can do is to walk. There is little to no strain on you for this activity, although you can speed walk if you wish. Everyone walks around at some point, so maybe you can take the longer route walking to your destination. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Little changes like these can help those calories burn away. The best thing that you can do for losing weight is allowing it to progress at its own rate. There will never be immediate results, but the healthiest thing you can do it to allow it happen at its own pace.

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