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Flowers will bloom from my rotting body

Let this be enough 

Let me be enough 

Because I am exhausted 

Twisting and bending, like a contortionist, trying to fit in 

Trying to be everything they want 

But deep inside, I am small 

I am simple 

I will take the bare minimum and I will cherish it 

I know that I deserve more that I deserve better 

But that does not mean I will seek it 

Because I am content 

With being alone 

Even if I long for more, even if I just wish to be held and kissed softly 

Your eyes turn pink 

And they pool with blood 

I wonder if karma knows 

I don’t wish you ill will, but what goes around comes around and I know that I’m not perfect but I know that I deserve better 

I am the writer, never the muse 

But for once I want to be looked at like I am a masterpiece, and not something you hide in the back of your she-shed

Some thing that you display proudly, and you don’t bury in the ground

Let this be enough,

Let me be enough

Keela Sawyer

Keela Sawyer

Augustana '27

Hi I'm Keela (They/Them) and I am a freshman at Augustana College! I am majoring in Public Health and WGSS, as well as minoring in Psychology and Disability Studies. I am on the writing/editing team and the social media team in the HerCampus Augustana chapter. Alongside HerCampus, I also participate in YDSA, TRIO, AAE, GSA, and WAUG. In my free time I enjoy writing poetry, making art, and hanging out with my friends around campus. I hope you enjoy my work!