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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Augustana chapter.

As a poet, 

I was beyond excited 

To have an opportunity

To publish my first poem


I skip on over to my wooden desk

Grinning and giggling every second

As I sit down in my creaky old chair

My fingers fly out towards a half-empty pen

And capture it in the cage of my hand

Ready to smear it against the pure white page

To create my first published poem


But I write absolutely nothing.

It doesn’t make sense!

How could I, 

A writer,

Not write?


The whole point of being a writer

Is to write

Can someone make this make sense?

Wait, I have an idea

So there’s this princess

She’s imprisoned in this dreadful tower

By some sickening dragon

And she’s waiting for someone to save her…

No, that’s too cliché

What about these to students

They’re the best in their class

But they’re super competitive

And only one of them can be the class president

So they work really hard to be elected…

No, that’s too boring

Okay, I think I got it:

There’s this girl

She’s the school loser

No one likes her, not even the teachers

She struggles to get through the day

And cries throughout the night

She doesn’t think life will ever get better

Until she meets this guy

And her whole life improves…

Too misogynistic!

What’s the point of even being a writer

If I cannot write?

It doesn’t make sense.


I like that word.


What makes sense?

Well, I guess when I’m writing

I feel myself being lifted off of my chair

And soar far into the sky

Where the stars greet me with a smile

And wrap me up in their arms

That makes sense

Or the fact that there are roses growing in my shower

They ran away from the garden

Because it was drier than the Sahara

And found a loving home in my bathroom

Which is now covered with soft mud

Prickly thorns

And a thousands petals of red

That makes sense

And I know these things don’t make sense to you

But they don’t have to

I carry these ideas deep in my beating heart

So I can feel their warmth within my soul

When I’m alone in the dark and there’s no tunnel of light

I remember these ideas

That make sense to me

And I smile

Even though everyone thinks I’m insane

Because I find sense in these “out of this world” things and-

I know what I’m going to write about

Olivia Fleming

Augustana '23

Hi! My name is Olivia, and I am a freshman at Augustana college. I am studying Psychology, English, and Creative Writing. With the hope of becoming a clinical or forensic psychologist. This is my first year writing for HerCampus and I specialize in poetry and fictional writing. Some of my hobbies include writing (obviously), traveling, passing time with friends, and playing the cello. At college, I am a part of the literary magazine, psychology club, NAMI, the orchestra, and some leadership and service clubs. One fun fact about me is that I have traveled out of the country five times!