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People kicking the back off my chair bothers me

The kind of bother that lingers with you all day

People talking with food in their mouths irritates me

The kind of irritation that that makes you want to leave the room

People smelling bad make my nose hairs rise

The kind that you get when the chills set in

People talking over me makes me feel disrespected

The kind of disrespect that leaves me speechless

People snoring in my ear keeps me awake at night

The kind of snoring where you want to plug your ears

Peoples habits give me the ick

The kind of kicks that are just habits

Mimi Gyftakos

Augustana '26

I am a sophomore at Augustana College! I am on the writing and editing team for our chapter. I’m a creative writing major, minoring in theater and psychology. I love music. Writing it and singing it. I have a huge squishmallow collection :)