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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Augustana chapter.

Hustlers is a new star-studded drama/comedy movie based on real life events. With big name actresses like Constance Wu (Crazy Rich Asians), Jennifer Lopez, and Keke Palmer, the cast of Hustlers is a girl gang to be jealous of. The star studded cast isn’t limited to main characters- there are cameos of Cardi B and Lizzo! Though the trailer shows a flashy world of opulence and sexuality, Hustlers focuses on female friendship more than anything. 

Hustlers’ story focuses on Dorothy, Constance Wu’s character, a young woman who is stripping to support herself and her grandmother. Dissatisfied with the money she is making, she turns to Jennifer Lopez’s character Ramona to improve her dancing and earnings. Ramona and Dorothy enter a mother-daughter like relationship that quickly sours. 

After the 2008 stock market crash, the club Ramona and Dororthy work at loses success. Where they once made thousands of dollars in a night, the dancers can now barely make rent for the month. So, to continue their lavish lifestyles, Dorothy and Ramona turn to a side hustle to bring more money into the club. It starts off innocent, but greed gets the better of them and the drive to make more money for themselves and their crew, they turn towards a darker path. Despite this theme of crime and things getting out of hand, Hustlers has some deeper aspects to it. 

One quote that is pervasive throughout the movie is Ramona’s view of motherhood. “Motherhood is a disease,” she says, talking about how she would do anything for her daughter. This highlights how motherhood is one of the central themes of the movie, despite appearances. What was advertised as a movie about sex and criminal activity, such as Ocean’s 8, was actually a dramatic and heartwarming film about the power of motherhood and female friendship. 


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