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How to Have a No Bones Day in College

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When thirteen-year-old Noodle the pug blesses our For You Pages every morning, we get to find out if the day will be a bones day or a no bones day. Having a bones day in college is easy enough. Just grab your homework and head to the library. But how can you have a no bones day at college? Between midterms and homework, it’s almost impossible not to feel stressed and overworked. It’s so hard to listen to the wisdom of the all-knowing pug when you have ten million assignments due. So, here’s my list of tips for having a successful no bones day in college.

  1. Study somewhere cozy. Try changing your study space to somewhere super comfortable. Maybe a local coffee shop or outside at a park. Enjoy the ambiance of a laid back day while still being productive.
  1. Treat yourself to a study snack. Before you spend your day buried in books, begin your morning with a trip to Starbucks. Studying can feel so much more luxurious when you’re enjoying some tea or coffee. Maybe even splurge on a chocolate croissant or a danish to snack on. This will help to keep your day in the spirit of no bones.
  1. Study with a friend. Studying with a friend will keep your day lighthearted and fun. You might not be as productive as usual, but that’s okay! You can make up for lost time on the next bones day.
  1. Take lots of breaks. Be truly noodle-like by taking lots of breaks for naps, snacks, and TikTok. 
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Augustana '25

Allie is currently a freshman at Augustana College majoring in Psychology and English & Creative Writing. She's a photographer, a reader, and a coffee lover.
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