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How To Find and Join a Club In College

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When someone asks for advice on how to make friends in college, it is inevitable that one of the answers will be “Join a club!” It is sound advice; after all, it gives something for you to do and gives you an opportunity to socialize with people who you probably would have never met otherwise. Not only that, but it can also provide leadership opportunities that you can put on your resume to impress future employers. You might be confused, however, on how to join a group that you will enjoy and stay with for your time at college. Here are some tips!

  • Do Your Research!

Do you like books? Are you interested in playing a sport for fun, or do you enjoy cooking? During Welcome Week at Augustana, there was a fair that featured a plethora of the clubs we offer here. If you are a freshman who was there, then go back and reflect on which groups caught your interest the most. If you weren’t there, or if you are an upperclassman, go on the college website and search for clubs and organizations. Just look for something that catches your eye. Even if you don’t have any experience with something listed, don’t be afraid to try it if it looks like it could be fun!

  • When In Doubt, Try It Out

When you find that club that you’re interested in, then don’t let the uncertainty of whether it will be a good fit or not stop you from continuing to pursue that interest! Find out when a meeting will be. If you manage to make it to the first meeting, that’s great! If you figure out in November that you want to join anime club, that’s great too! For the vast majority of student groups, you can join whenever you want, whether that happens to be your first or last year in college, or whether it is the beginning of fall semester or the middle of spring semester. When I was in high school, I joined the yearbook club when I became a senior, and it was one of the best decisions I made.

  • Switch It If It Isn’t Working Out

Are you unsatisfied with a club that you’ve joined? Maybe the meeting times are not working for you, or you just haven’t connected with anyone there. If so, it’s perfectly okay to back out and find something else if you find that you feel more stress than enjoyment after a couple of meetings. 

It might take a few tries to find the right group for you, but if you search closely, then you’ll eventually find the right fit! And remember, if you can’t find something that you want to join, you can even start your own club. Just gather some interest among other students you know and go through the process of starting a new student group at your college. Whatever plan you choose to take, you’ve got this!

Nicole Grafon

Augustana '25

Hi, I'm Nicole, and I am a freshman at Augustana College! I am from Wauconda, IL, and I am planning on double-majoring in biology on the pre-veterinary track and English. In my free-time, I like to read books, play the alto and bari saxophone, and obsess over cute photos of cats.
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