How to Have Fun If You're Not a Winter Person

Winter is fast approaching with the snow falling well before Thanksgiving Day. I love the holidays as much as the next person, but I do not like the chilly weather that is hitting Illinois. With the cold wind, runny nose, and consistent cough I always seem to have during this time, I like to look on the brighter side of things to see what I can do this holiday season. 

Ice Skating

Granted, it has been years since I have been ice skating, but it was always a fun activity I enjoyed watching. When I did do it, I enjoyed the feeling of doing something different. Although it still did hurt when I would fall onto my butt, but I would still get back up (after crawling over to the rails to help balance myself) and try again. If you can't stand ice skating, roller skating is definitely the better option because you are able to have a square to skate on rather than a line. 


Again, this is another activity I haven't done in years, but when I was younger I loved to do it. My family has a hill in our backyard, so my brother and I would sled down it a lot. Even though I am older now, I still see a lot of people who enjoy to get into the cold and tumble down a mountain on a plastic sled. 

Movie Nights

Now that it is cold outside, I can finally cuddle up with all of my blankets and watch movies at home. Making hot chocolate and watching holiday movies on the TV is one of my favorite things to do (besides cuddling up and reading a book). If there is nothing interesting on TV, or if you don't want to watch anymore holiday movies, you can opt for bundling up and going out to the movie theater instead. With all the newest movies coming out like Mary Poppins Returns, Aquaman, and Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, I can gladly camp out at the movie theater and watch all the movies I have been dying to see since the trailers came out. Check out this link to see what other new movies are being released this year:

Arts and Crafts

When I feel my creative bone beginning to tingle, I love to see what crafts I can make. I am usually not an artsy person, but I love the satisfaction of making something that looks really cool. Here's a link to stuff you can make when your creative bone has a tingle:

Baking Cookies

Every year during Christmas, my mom would make Christmas cookies and I would join her. The special part about these recipes are that most of them are family recipes that my grandmother has cooked for my mother, and now my mother cooks for me. It is an incredible activity that I get to do with my mom because it brings me closer with her and into the holiday spirit. 

Spending Time with Family and Friends

Personally, this is my favorite of all. No matter the activity you do, it's more special when you have your friends and family doing it with you. I love my friends and family and I know that they will always be with me to make my experience in life even better. Spending time with the people you love will make every thing and every day the best it can be.