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Summer is near and it's time to get excited and start thinking about all the fun possibilities of the near future. The options are endless when Vitamin D comes out to play! Living in the sunshine most definitely enhances everyone’s mood, increases opportunities for things to do, and makes life just a little sweeter. Food seems to be better, life seems to go smoother, the world seems a little brighter, and people seem a bit more joyous. Let’s discuss the specifics of some go-to things to do in the summer.

  1. Go out to eat

  2. Go Hammocking or have a picnic

  3. Go to a drive-in

  4. Go get ice cream

  5. Go axe throwing

  6. Plan a little get away

  7. Go outside

  8. Go shopping

  9. Cook a homemade meal from scratch or bake something

  10. Have a self-care day

  11. Go to a concert

  12. Pick up a new hobby

  13. Go get a manicure or a pedicure

  14. Go to the beach

  15. Hit the city

It’s important to make sure you romanticize your life and prioritize your time on this earth. There is simply so much to be grateful for and options are endless on things you can do with your day. Make every second count and enjoy what is to come. Stay busy, stay positive, and stay eager for the summertime. Summer consumes you in the best way- soak it all up! After all, every summer has a story so try to make it the best one yet.

Kourtney Troha

Augustana '23

[Augustana College 2023 Elementary Education Major] Positivity, kindness, and simplicity- words I live by. My name is Kourtney Troha and my goal is to live with intent. Writing gives me a gateway into that as well as a purpose to my everyday life. I believe in always finding the good in everyday. I hope to reach people through my writing and to appreciate the little things as much as I can. I find joy and peace in making others happy. Some of my interests are Golfing, Writing, Cooking & Baking, and I love dogs and animals. I am excited to see what the future holds. I love meeting new people and gaining new perspectives! Opportunities to connect- Instagram: @kourttroha Vsco: @kourttro
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