The Gender and Sexuality Alliance Presents: Night of Noise

What's everybody doing Friday night? How does taking a trip down to Wallenberg Hall in the Denkmann building around 7:00 pm sound? There will be food, drinks, and live drag queens!

That's right! This year, on April 28th at 7:00 pm, the Gender and Sexuality Alliance present to the Augustana community a fun, friendly environment as well as a night of live entertainment. The night will feature Viva La Divas, a group of local drag performers, free refreshments, and simply a night to get away from classes as the year nears its end. Best of all, the event is free and open to the public!

If you've never seen a drag performance and would like to, this event will be fun and eye-opening. I myself have seen a couple of drag performances at local festivals in the Quad Cities and they are wonderful unforgettable experiences. The community is very welcoming to new audience members and excitable about their queens, so be prepared to feel welcome and amazed!

GSA members wholeheartedly invite you to their biggest event of 2017. Although the group will not be selling tickets, they will have tables set up in the Brew this week through Friday during the afternoons. They will be selling adorable and inexpensive crafts, have free stickers and candy, and have informative flyers inviting you to Night of Noise. Tell your friends, tell your professors, and tell yourself to attend this event and celebrate the diversity that lives on our campus and all around us.

Night of Noise isn't all about free food and live entertainment, but also about giving a voice back to the voiceless. If you've heard of Day of Silence, which took place last week on April 21st, you know about LGBT youth and the fact that they become silenced in their communities and in their own homes. Night of Noise is essentially a follow-up to Day of Silence; it's a time for being loud, being proud, and having your own voice.

You can RSVP via Facebook here, share the event, or ask questions in the discussion. GSA members are also open to answering any questions at their Brew table or via email at <[email protected]>