The Four Things Every Augie Student Wishes They Could Tell Tour Groups on Visit Days

Visit days on campus bring many students back to a simpler time: a time when we were young and excited to go to college and get away from home. But now, as current students, most of us have come to recognize that our tours left out a lot of important details we wish we had known before arriving. So, in honor of visit day today, here are four things I wish someone had told me when I turned Augie.

  1. The Big Spread of Food at the CSL is Not a Weekend Standard.

To be fair, there’s nothing really wrong with there being limited dining options during the weekend. After all, many students live in apartments or off of campus, so it only makes sense to cut back the dining options. However, as a prospective student, walking into a dining hall with tons of options early Saturday afternoon is a wonderful Saturday lunch experience you will never have again (unless, of course, it’s visit day).


   2.    The Golf Carts are Not a Staple of Campus

    If I’m being completely honest, I completely forget they exist until they’re zooming down the quad carrying tons of visitors. I don’t even see them being used for other purposes across campus; they just kind of disappeared. So if you were hoping for a random golf cart shuttle ride across the quad, it’s not a real possibility.


   3.   The Lack of Air Conditioning is the Least of your Heating and Cooling Problems.  

    In fact, you might wanna keep your fans on stand-by for the whole year. Dorm heat gets cranked up when the temperature drops, so be prepared for lots of long, sweaty nights in your loft.


  4.   Nobody calls the Gerber Center "The Gerber Center".

    It’s the CSL; official tour script be damned.