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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Augustana chapter.

The cravings kick in

No control over them

The feeling of your veins pulsing

You can almost see it

The trembling in your hands

No control over it

Your heart beating fast

It’s rate going up

The urge for another fill

Just one last time

It eats away at you

Gnawing at your brain

Can’t stay away from it

Not caring it’s bad for you

It’s a bittersweet disaster

The feeling of satisfaction

Is what you yearn for

Trying to stay clean

Is a battle itself

Mimi Gyftakos

Augustana '26

I am a sophomore at Augustana College! I am on the writing and editing team for our chapter. I’m a creative writing major, minoring in theater and psychology. I love music. Writing it and singing it. I have a huge squishmallow collection :)