Book of the Month: Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk

Fight Club approaches the topic of illness in a new fashion with his main character. The classic saying, “The first rule about fight club is you don’t talk about fight club” is widely popular to the movie’s aspect of it, but the book portrays a different level of understanding. Chuck Palahniuk writes the inner workings of how the main character is struggling through the life he has as well as his interactions with his daily encounters. There is a wide array of metaphors which allow for a deeper insight into the mind of the main character. The main character begins his journey with a man, named Tyler Durden, who quickly befriends him and a woman, named Marla Singer, who is thought of as a threat to his release from insomnia. The duo of Tyler and the main character begin on the same page about their helpful options to benefit them both as well as others who hope to achieve the same mission, but the actions quickly lead to the main character becoming overwhelmed with Tyler’s choices. Not to add more trouble, but Marla continuously appears at the main character’s house and calls him for assistance. “Friendship” takes on a whole new meaning as the main character vigorously lives out the life he chooses after meeting Tyler Durden with an undetermined future for them both. Divulge into the mind of a man who slowly transforms to what appeared as normal to a devastating result of the mind.