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5 Pieces That Will Spice Up Your Formal Wear


I—like many college students—am on the great internship hunt. While we’re all drowning in applications, resumes, and personal statements, I think we forget about the formal wear we need for the actual internship or interviews. Business casual wear can get pretty boring with the typical black-gray or navy-white combinations, but there are some great pieces out there that can make your formal wear more fashionable!

Fitted Trousers

I always prefer fitted trousers because they give formal wear a little more shape, which always makes me feel a little better and put together. While baggier trousers are more common, fitted trousers give your formal wear a more polished look, and they come in lots of different colors and designs without looking tacky.

A Daring Blazer

Black and navy blazers are great, but a more colorful blazer, while it may not be as easy to style, is so much more exciting! A burnt-orange or even patterned blazer would add some great depth to your look.


Turtlenecks are a great alternative to regular shirts or button-downs. They are a great layering piece and can be styled with pants and skirts. They come in a variety of colors and patterns, so you can mix and match them with your other formal wear pieces easily.


Skirts are so versatile because they come in so many lengths. You can go for a shorter skirt, a midi-length skirt, or a long skirt. It can be flowy or fitted. Skirts work just as well—if not better—than trousers because they will go with all of your tops. They also give you the chance to switch it up from trousers!


People don’t usually think to add accessories to formal wear because it needs to be more serious, but a nice pair of earrings or a simple bracelet might just be what the look needs to be all put together.

Formal wear can get pretty boring with the same pair of trousers and blazer, but there are some easy ways to make your business casual clothing more fun. Any of these additions will make your formal more fashionable!

Ila Mostafa is currently a Neuroscience major and Biology minor at Augustana College in Rock Island, Illinois. She enjoys reading, writing, and spending time with her family. She is usually either starting a new story without finishing an older one or studying. Ila hopes to go to graduate school and eventually do research on Parkinson's Disease.
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