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The 10 Best Halloween Movies on Netflix This Season

Alright, so October is here and that means spooky season is in full focus. Hurry and run to Target to get those $1.00 themed socks, Pillsbury ghost cookies, and a Pumpkin Spice latte cause I am serving you a Sunday full of fall leaves and spooky scenes. Here are the best ten Halloween movies available on Netflix: (of course classics included)

1. Coraline

Can’t go wrong with the classic that made us little 6th graders scared to even look at a button back in the day.

2. Goosebumps

... do you even remember reading these around the lunchtable?

3. Before I wake

You probably won’t like butterflies for a while... or sleeping

4. The ByeBye man

How do you just not think about something?

5. 1922

You thought Stephen King was through after IT? You're wrong.

6. Scary Movie 2The only thing really scary about this is the low rise jean phase.

7. The Conjuring

Brb, turning on all the lights in my house.

8. HushDon’t be alarmed when you hear a thumping: it's just your heart pounding.

9. TerrifierI thought the Clown phase was over.

10. Don’t Knock Twice

Thats an odd way to do yoga.

(Also, checkout that new season of American Horror Story... yikes)

Kalli Majewski

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Studying Pre-Med/Neuroscience with minors in Biochemistry and Philosophy. Loves to cook, travel, write, listen, and goof around!
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